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Inspired Liberty Music Group offers personalized, strategic Brand Management, support and development. Helping build and maintain a customized brand that creates a unique and powerful identity to stand out and grow your presence in the music industry.



Full Sync Licensing services, specializing in connecting Music Supervisors and clients with an eclectic range of artists, music composers and record labels to be a part of creating the vision and musical experience tailored to your sync licensing needs.



Providing A&R services exclusively catering to specific  business, project and or event needs. Devoted to finding and developing artists and musicians who possess unique, original talent, dedication and high quality musicianship.



Providing Publishing and Digital Distribution catalog administration and management services. Ensuring musical works are efficiently distributed, registered and monitored, maximizing reach and revenue potential.



Delivering confidential and secure industry specific business and data administrative services and tasks. Ensuring day to day administrative business operations runs smoothly and efficiently while navigating the ever-changing music industry.



A collaboration of creative directive services offered working closely to develop a   vision, create a plan, and bring every music project to life. Providing guidance, perspective and creative direction that liberates true authenticity and brand identity.



ILMG provides exclusive, custom-tailored, innovative full service music event curation and planning services.  Curating and collaborating to create a memorable and entertaining atmosphere and unforgettable music experience.



Providing all in one full service consulting, management and administration services for all your business needs. Communicate, collaborate and  and create the best plan and strategies to efficiently utilize the full suite of ILMG services as needed.


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about us.


Communicate. Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Inspired Liberty Music Group (ILMG), is a highly innovative music consulting agency that specializes in efficiently communicating, connecting, collaborating and creating unparalleled musical visions and experiences.


Our mission is to provide an eclectic range of industry services and creatively curated musical experiences that contributes to preserving, developing and inspiring liberated visions of independent artistry and instrumentation.


ILMG takes pride in providing services that adheres to flexibility, speed, security and innovative forward thinking collaborations. We provide our clients with the most innovative and reliable solution based resources and personalized support to successfully bring every musical goal and project vision to life.





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