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Inspired Liberty Music Group offers comprehensive A&R Consulting services working with record labels, artist, songwriters, producers, management, industry executives, agencies, businesses and more. 



ILMG A&R specializes in discovering and curating unique, genre specific sounds of Soul, R&B, Funk, Jazz and more. We carefully select and work with only the best of talented, dedicated artists, musicians and producers who preserve and hold honor to quality sound and instrumentation. 




We pride ourselves in contributing to liberating and reinventing the music and sound experience. Working with ILMG A&R we take the time to add to the continued growth and development of passionate and dedicated artists, musicians and producers to ensure quality artistry is provided.



The right connection is the key to inspiring true sound and music liberation. ILMG A&R is dedicated to finding and creating the perfect connection with artist or musician to label or client for every project, event, concert, tour or roster. We work to ensure the best outcome for your musical vision.


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